SAFHER project updates

Appian Government Summit

December 1, 2023

Hello SAFHER Community,

This has been a very busy and productive week. The SAFHER team was invited to participate in the Appian Government Summit on Wednesday. I shared the SAFHER story as part of my presentation, Safeguarding Public Safety Across State Lines with a Future-Proofed Platform. More than 900 people were in attendance.

The story of state and local governments being saddled with legacy systems and lacking the resources to invest in modern technology was well received. I shared how we are creating economies of scale while revolutionizing agriculture and food safety in more than 20 states by deploying a single, modern application that is easily updated to each state’s unique workflow. 

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Yesterday, the SAFHER EAC was briefed on the success of the SAFHER Beta Testing. Overall, the beta test proved that SAFHER is directionally correct and, compared with current systems, easier to learn and use. We will share more about the findings in a future communication. 

Until next week,

Kellie P. Isaac
SAFHER Director